Yet. Yet should be your favorite word. I can’t get below parallel. I can’t do a muscle up. I don’t have double unders. Add “yet” to all of those statements and what changes?

Mindset. The addition of the word yet implies growth and change. It means that you may not be capable right now, but that you can grow and change. With focused effort, almost anything is possible.

As a coach, you see athletes that make blanket statements like “I can’t do that (whatever that is)” and after a while you realize that they can’t do it because they have a poor mindset. They do not see themselves capable of growing and changing to accomplish the task. When you think about an exercise like squatting, it’s easy to understand how squatting more weight takes a huge amount of effort. However, the effort required is spread out over a longer period of time due to physiological constraints. But the same applies to learning double unders. It may require a lot of time (took me 2 years), but it’s usually not physiological constraints, i.e. you don’t need your leg muscles to grow to jump over a 0.125” high rope. The constraint lies with the effort.

All things in the gym, whether its mobility, learning a new skill, increasing strength, increasing capacity, etc, the level of effort required is the same, but the constraints may be different. And that’s ok. You bring the effort and mindset to change and we will do everything in our power to help you achieve your goals.

-Chase Buckner