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Is breathing automatic or manual?

The answer is both. While resting, if breathing wasn’t automatic some of us may even forget to breathe. When we were younger we actually used to breathe more efficiently. Diaphragmatic breathing is when you breathe and your stomach and chest expand drawing in more air. As we get older we

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Recipe Swap: Bagels

The best way to improve the quality of your food is to make it yourself. And while food prep can take a lot of time and in some instances, money, this recipe is a 1/10 on the difficulty and time scale and requires minimal equipment (a bowl, a fork, a

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I want to take some time this week to talk about recovery and its overall effect on your well-being. Simply said, we all need to recover.The problem is, recovery isn’t always as easy to quantify. With a workout, it’s quite simple to multiply the sets by the reps by the

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Story of a Bad Back

It has now been 7 weeks since I had a spinal fusion at S1 and L5. It was the end result of an injury that occurred over 30 years ago. It has been mentally and physically challenging to say the least. I thought telling my story of having a “bad

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Why you should scale

Why You Should ScaleHow many of you let the fact that you need to scale the workout bother you mentally? How many of you have left the gym crushed by a workout because you did not listen to the coach and use the appropriate weight or scale the number of

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Yet. Yet should be your favorite word. I can’t get below parallel. I can’t do a muscle up. I don’t have double unders. Add “yet” to all of those statements and what changes?Mindset. The addition of the word yet implies growth and change. It means that you may not be

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You start just by showing up

Getting started at something new can be a very challenging experience. The fear of the unknown or the fear of feeling not being good enough at something can paralyze you into not taking action.When I first started Jiu Jitsu many years ago it was a very humbling experience. I was

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