Athlete of the Month – October 2016

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Our Athlete of the Month for October is Andy Snead! Andy has been with us for almost 4 years (how time flies)! Andy is attends evening classes most often but sometimes swings by a morning class or two. Andy is one of the hardest workers with have in the gym. He never complains and is always encouraging to his classmates as they complete workouts. He has worked through some injuries but never lost his drive in the gym and still showed up with a smile on his face! Thanks for being such a great member Andy!

1) When did you start doing CrossFit? January of 2013

2) Favorite WOD? Any hero WOD because it is honoring those that have sacrificed for our country

3) Least Favorite WOD? None, I love them all. Well, maybe Kalsu but it’s a hero WOD so I always just have to grind through and complete it.

4) Favorite Lift? Back squat

5) Least Favorite Lift? Overhead squats, but mainly due to my limited range of motion.

6) Tell us a little bit about yourself.

I’m 42 years old, married to Allison who is also a member of the gym. I was born in Florida, lived Michigan and New Jersey and moved to North Carolina in 1989. I went to college at Appalachian State and moved to Raleigh after college in 2000. I am IT project manager for Circle K. I am an avid craft beer drinker and will always visit breweries when I go to another city when traveling.

7) What were you doing before CrossFit? I was going to Raleigh Fitness Bootcamp but was ready for a new challenge and decided to start Crossfit. I was running some 5K races as well.

8) What were your thoughts after your first CrossFit workout?

It wasn’t as intimidating as I originally thought, but it definitely showed me that I had a lot of room to grow and weaknesses to improve upon.

andy-39) What were your goals when joining CrossFit?

Improve my fitness level, improve my self-confidence, get stronger and eat cleaner.

10) Have you achieved any of those goals?

Yes, Crossfit has given me confidence in and outside of the gym. My fitness level has improved and I have definitely gotten stronger. However, I am still working on eating better, but it has definitely improved since starting Crossfit.

11) What made you come to CrossFit RDU and stay with CrossFit RDU?

I was on the fence about starting Crossfit but then Rick Florez and Liz Pagano posted about the Transformation Challenge back in 2013 on the nOg Run Club page and made me realize that it was time to start. I have stayed at Crossfit RDU because of the community aspect, friendships that I have made and the challenging programming by the great coaches at Crossfit RDU.

12) Has CrossFit affected your life outside of the gym?

Yes, it has made me more confident at work and at play. Also, I have made many friendships with the great people that come to the gym.

13) What are some of your best achievements in the gym?

My consistent perseverance in finishing every workout even if I finishandy-2 last (which is the norm); Getting a 400+ pound deadlift; Completing Murph with pull-ups

14) Do you have any other special memories/achievements during your time here?

The one that sticks out to me is someone was struggling to finish burpees during a workout and the entire class did the burpees until that person was done.

15) What advice would you give a newbie trying out CrossFit for the first time?

Be patient; as long as you put in the work everything will fall into place. Remember everyone had to start from the beginning. Only compete with yourself but use everyone around to push yourself.

16) Something you might not know about me is?

I have watched every movie on the AFI’s Top 100 Movies of all time. I took me about three years to complete. When I originally started I had seen only 14 movies, which is the reason why I decided to watch every movie on the list.