When it comes to fitness, everyone has goals and a vision of what fitness means to them. CrossFit RDU provides the best platform to achieve those goals and shape that vision into reality. Often, as progress is made, people find that they surpass what they thought they were capable of, what they thought they wanted out of a fitness program, and start to express their true, genetic potential.

Our programs are proven and designed to engage and strengthen true, natural movement that makes real life easier and better. When you start to move your body the way it was meant to move, you feel better, you look better, you accomplish more.

But what is that intangible thing that really creates an environment of success at CrossFit RDU? It’s in our community and the atmosphere of mutual support and motivation. We work hard to make CrossFit RDU a friendly, welcoming place where people of all fitness levels feel comfortable. Whether you’re a lifelong athlete, someone who’s never taken a fitness class in your life, or even someone working to reverse illness, our encouraging, inspirational group is there to be your rock-solid support system inside and outside of the facility.

Open your mind to what you’re really capable of, mentally and physically. Let us open your eyes to your abilities, cast out the doubts you have, and help you unlock your true potential.

The will to win, the desire to succeed, the urge to reach your full potential… these are the keys that will unlock the door to personal excellence.

Shape your fitness vision into reality.

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Size isn’t everything, but if it was, CrossFit RDU claims the title of the largest CrossFit facility in Raleigh with 14,000 square feet of open space! We’re also the most well-equipped with dozens of barbells, a 44-foot pull-up rig that doubles as lots of squat racks, 40 yards of turf, 16 Olympic weightlifting platforms and so much more. In addition to the gear, we’re equipped with 4 separate men’s and women’s washrooms, and men’s and women’s showers. You won’t find another facility in the area that compares! Our state-of-the-art facility, combined with our expert programming, and awesome coaches, you’re guaranteed an unmatched training experience and sure to achieve a fitness of a lifetime.




I have gone from a 5’11”, 210-pound top-heavy guy, to a more balanced, lean 185 pounds in 4 short months.

- John Prichard -

This is the largest and most well-equipped facility I have ever trained at. It's especially nice since this is my home gym.

- Eli Smith -

I came to the Foundations classes and I was very comfortable and realized that the fear I had in my mind was only put there by me. I became a member at CrossFit RDU in February 2012. Every time I…

- Kate Waters -